Label Considerations

Compliant labeling for PV Systems is often misunderstood. Labeling is part of the National Electric Code. Article 690 specifically applies to PV Systems. OSHA Standard 1910.145 has specifications for accident prevention signs and tags. American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Z535 improved on OSHA standards by changing to more modern designs.
Signs often have a "signal word". A "signal word" refers to the portion of the sign's inscription that contains a word or words that are intended to capture a person's attention. Gernon Harvey, in "PV System Labeling: NEC, OSHA, and ANSI Codes and Standards" (SolorPro February/March 2011) described the appropriate time to use these signal words on your labels:

Danger: Situations where an immediate hazard
will cause death or serious injury to workers and/or the general public if not avoided This designation is to be used only in extreme situations.

Warning: Situations where a potentially hazardous condition exists that could result in the death or serious injury of workers and/or the general public if not avoided.

Caution:  Situations where a nonimmediate or potential hazard presents a lesser threat of injury that could result in minor or moderate injuries to workers and/or the general public.

Notice: Situations where a nonimmediate or potential hazard presents a risk to damage of property and equipment. May be used to indicate important operational characteristics. There is no "Safety Alert" or attention symbol present in this situation.

With these descriptions in mind, we hope you will be able to discern if a signal word would be appropriate on your labels.

We have ready to adhere labels and the option to customize your label.

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